Our Short-Term Hire Service

Our mobile card payment terminals operate using a SIM card and facilitate secure, high-speed debit and credit card transactions, without the need for a landline connection. We are happy to offer these mobile terminals for short-term hire, for use at exhibitions, shows and other outdoor events where no fixed landlines are available. So whether you need to hire a terminal for a few days, or for a longer period of time, we have the solution.

This service includes: hire of one fully mobile card payment terminal (and SIM) for the required period, unlimited UK connections from the credit card terminal to your acquirer, two rolls of paper and UK telephone helpdesk support should you need it. We can also supply extra paper at £2.50 for four rolls or £11.00 for a box of 20 (both plus VAT).*

Remember: You will need a valid terminal (not eCommerce) Merchant ID to take card payments. If you want to take card payments but don't have merchant services yet, ring us as soon as possible on 01483 480008 and we will assist you in getting this in place in time for the hire period.

We can also supply static, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi portable terminals on short term hire. Please contact us for details.

Whilst we offer competitive short-term hire rates, there’s nothing like having your own terminal available whenever you need it, especially if you attend a number of events each year.  Purchasing your own machine from Phoenix Terminals is likely to be significantly cheaper than leasing a terminal from a bank on a fixed three year contract.  There are no set-up fees or hidden charges with any of our machines and for total peace of mind, we also include our comprehensive three year warranty and next working day swap-out service as standard.


I require a mobile credit card terminal for my trade stand at a show - but the event only lasts for a few days – can I rent one?

Our short-term hire service is designed specifically to provide mobile credit card terminals to businesses for shows, exhibitions and outdoor events. Please note that you need to have a merchant ID for a terminal (not e-commerce) before you can take card payments. We can help you to set up a merchant account if you do not already have one, simply contact us well in advance of the event and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.

Will I need to hire a separate landline for my credit card terminal?

No telephone line is needed for our mobile card terminals, as they communicate using mobile phone networks. Please note: we are also able to supply Bluetooth, static and Wi-Fi models for hire, which do require a landline or broadband connection.

Does my mobile card terminal need to be connected to mains power in order to operate?

Although our terminals have a charger base which requires mains power, the mobile terminals themselves are battery operated. Under normal circumstances, we expect a fully-charged mobile terminal to enable transaction processing for an entire day before needing to be re-charged on the base unit.

Am I likely to need extra thermal paper rolls for the show?

This depends on how many transactions you process. Each thermal roll will cover between 60 and 80 printed receipts. Each short-term hire terminal comes with two rolls included in the hire fee, but if you think you might need more, you can order them from us by calling 01483 480 008 or adding them to your short-term hire order.

I want to hire a mobile card terminal for a show, but I won’t be able to get back to the office to print the end of day reports. Will this cause a problem with payments?

At the end of every working day, it is good practice to perform a quick end of day report. This can be done very easily using the terminal’s options menu - you do not have to be at your office to do this. The end of day report will list all payments taken that day and confirm the total with your merchant services provider. Any transactions stored in the unit will also be completed at this stage. 

* Terms and conditions relating to our short-term hire service apply.  Please contact us for more details.


If you wish to enquire about our short-term hire service, please complete our simple contact form or call us on 01483 480 008