Support & FAQs

Phoenix Terminals offers a full maintenance and support service. We do thoroughly check and test all our terminals before despatch but in the unlikely event that you do encounter a problem our expert team are on hand to help.

Helpdesk: 01483 480 008

Monday – Friday: 09.00 – 19.30
Saturday: 09.00 – 18.00
Sundays & Bank Holidays: 10.00 – 16.00

Each terminal comes with an Ingenico User Guide.  A full user manual can also be downloaded as a PDF from this website, by clicking the relevant link in the final FAQ at the bottom of this page.  The Frequently Asked Questions section below gives answers to many of the general queries you may have.


Do I have to lease the terminal or can I buy it directly from Phoenix?

We offer both purchase and rental options (depending on status). Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a terminal by using our contact form or calling 01483 480 008.

I need a card payment terminal for an event I’m attending, but it’s only a few days – can I rent one?

YES - we offer a short-term hire service. If you are interested in short-term rentals talk to our team today on 01483 480 008.

For more information on our short-term hire service and related FAQs, please visit our Hire Service page.

Can I choose which network my mobile terminal will be connected to?

Our mobile terminals can run on a choice of networks. Depending on the coverage in your proposed area you can choose from Vodafone, EE or O2. If you have a preferred provider, please let us know when you place your order.

What if my chosen network has poor coverage in my area?

For peace of mind and complete satisfaction, we offer a free swap service during the first month of your contract with us. Phoenix Terminals Ltd offers a choice of Vodafone, EE or O2 networks. Simply let us know if you feel the coverage of your chosen provider isn't up to your requirements.

I already have a mobile phone, so am I able to just use my own SIM card in my mobile terminal?

NO – it will not work. When you purchase a terminal you'll be provided with a suitable SIM card as part of your contract. You must use this to process secure transactions.

Do I need a separate landline for my payment terminal?

No telephone line is required for our mobile terminals which communicate using a mobile network. We can also offer Bluetooth, static and Wi-Fi terminals which operate via a broadband connection.

Do I need to plug in my credit card terminal to mains power?

NO – our mobile terminals do not require mains power. They are battery operated and come with a charger base.

How long can I use my mobile terminal for before I have to recharge it?

This depends upon the number of transactions you process, but under normal circumstances we'd expect a fully charged mobile terminal to last for an entire day's worth of continuous use, before needing to be recharged.

Do I get customer and merchant receipts for each transaction?

This depends on whether you are taking a contactless or chip and pin payment. Contactless payments generate just a merchant copy (although a customer copy can be produced using the duplicate facility). Chip and pin transactions generate both a merchant and a customer copy automatically.

How many transactions should I expect from each thermal paper roll?

Between 60 - 80 transactions can be taken on each standard paper roll. If you need more paper rolls we're happy to sell them to you, just call us on 01483 480 008.

Where can I buy more thermal paper rolls?

We can sell you thermal paper rolls at competitive prices, for all the terminals we supply.

Can the terminals process cash back payments?

YES – so long as your acquirer agreement allows this. Please notify us when you place your order so that we can set up your terminal for this.

Can the terminals take tip payments?

YES - a gratuity facility can be set up to your terminal. Just notify us when you place your order.

Can my terminal process transactions without the customer being present?

YES – as long as CNP (Customer Not Present) payments are approved for you by your acquirer, CNP functionality will be available on your terminal.

What about end of day reports?

A simple all-in-one end of day report should be run from the terminal at the end of every working day. You can easily do this through the options menu on the terminal. The report generated will list the payments that have been taken that day and confirm the total with your acquirer. It will also complete any transactions stored in the terminal.

What is the difference between static, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile terminals?

These describe the terminal and/or the way the different terminal versions communicate to your acquirer.

A static terminal is fixed in one spot and connects via a standard analogue telephone line or via broadband using an Ethernet cable. There is no separate handset.

With the Bluetooth terminal, the handset talks to the base via Bluetooth, which connects via a standard analogue telephone line or via broadband using an Ethernet cable. The handset can be used away from its base (e.g. at a garden/outdoor event, restaurant, shop, etc).

Allowing users to take payments in any location (depending on a reliable mobile phone signal), a mobile terminal uses a 2G or 3G mobile network and connects using a special mobile phone SIM.

A Wi-Fi terminal connects to a secure Wi-Fi network and then to the acquirer via broadband.

Will my mobile terminal need to be installed upon delivery?

NO – we will make sure your terminal is delivered complete with all the software configured and ready to use. All you will need to do is set the supervisor password.

A comprehensive manual is available to download from our website, or you can contact our helpdesk on 01483 480 008.

Before starting to use a mobile, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi terminal you will need to charge the handset battery.

What happens to the money when I’ve processed a credit or debit card transaction?

You will need a merchant services account set up with a UK acquirer in order to process credit and debit card transactions. Your chosen acquirer will pay money directly into your nominated bank account. Normally payments take three to five days to transfer to your account.

Do I really need a merchant account with a UK acquirer to use my card terminal?

YES – before you can begin processing transactions you need to set up a merchant account with a UK acquirer.

All Phoenix Terminals' iWL and iCT card payment machines are approved by the following UK acquirers: Barclays Merchant Services, Global Payments, FDMS, Worldpay, Lloyds Cardnet, American Express, Diners Club, Japanese Central Bank. Currently the Move3500 is only approved for FDMS and Lloyds Cardnet.

Can I change my acquirer?

YES – we recommend that you get in touch with us first to check that your terminal is compatible with your new acquirer. Before you can accept further card payments, we will need to update your terminal with your new merchant ID. We can do this for you via our helpdesk: 01483 480 008.

What about the warranty?

We offer a comprehensive 3 year warranty cover on all credit card machines purchased from Phoenix Terminals.

In the unlikely event that your terminal develops a technical fault during this time we offer a next working day (Monday – Friday) replacement service if we cannot fix the machine over the phone, provided you let us know by 2pm.

If you are renting your terminal from Phoenix Terminals, it is covered against any technical faults for the length of your rental agreement with us.

Does the warranty or short-term hire agreement cover loss/theft of the terminal?

Loss and theft are not covered by the warranty or our short-term hire agreement. We advise that you include the terminal under your business insurance.

What happens if my terminal is lost or stolen?

You should contact our helpdesk immediately on 01483 480 008 if your terminal is lost or stolen and we will disconnect your machine to prevent the risk of unauthorised use.

I’ve broken my terminal. What happens now?

As soon as possible, we recommend calling our helpdesk on 01483 480 008. We can often sort out issues over the phone although if the terminal has been physically damaged it may need to be replaced and you will be charged for the repair.

Where can I find a user manual for my terminal?

You can download PDF versions of the user manuals for every terminal we supply from our website:

  • Click here to download the iWL200 series manual (iWL220G/iWL250G, iWL220B/iWL250B, iWL258).
  • Click here to download the iCT200 series manual (iCT220/iCT250).
  • Click here to download the Move3500 series manual.


If you have any questions about any of the Phoenix Terminals products or services, complete our contact form or call us on 01483 480 008